Wednesday, 28 January 2009


It's been a while since my last blog... Here is an update... The Craft Fair wasn't a huge success. Could have been better but could have been worse. It was worth it for me, I sold a few items, but the turn out wasn't great and I felt bad for the other tables as they didn't sell much. As I was the person who arranged it I wanted everyone to make lots of sales, but I guess that's just being unrealistic. I'm not going to arrange another Fair until Christmas, instead I will attend some and see how it goes. If this year is bad at fairs, I will give up that idea completelly and concentrate on other ways of selling.

My website has been up and running since last summer and I have yet to make my first sale.

On the upside... I made quite a bit of money over Christmas through work colleagues and friends (without them my business would be non existent)

Sorry for the whinge... I'm sure a lot of people are having the same problem. I don't like to complain because a lot of people are loosing their jobs this day and age...I hope it all gets better soon for everyone!!!

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